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Anke Packing offers customizable 3-in-1 transparent cake boxes. Our cake boxes are perfect for displaying and transporting cakes. Shop now and get high-quality cake boxes at affordable prices.



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Are you looking for a high-quality cake box that will perfectly display and transport your cakes? Anke Packing offers customizable 3-in-1 transparent cake boxes that are perfect for all your cake packaging needs. Our cake boxes are made of clear plastic, making it easy for your customers to see the delicious cakes inside.


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Our 3-in-1 cake boxes can be used as a display box, transport box, and packaging box. The boxes are designed to protect your cakes during transport and storage, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. The boxes are also easy to assemble, making them perfect for busy bakeries and restaurants.


3 in 1 Clear PET Cake Box23                                                    3 in 1 Clear PET Cake Box25


At Anke Packing, we understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer customizable cake boxes. You can choose the size, shape, and design of your cake boxes to fit your business needs. We also offer competitive pricing, making it easy for you to get high-quality cake boxes at an affordable price.


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Our 3-in-1 cake boxes are perfect for bakeries, cafes, and restaurants that want to showcase their cakes. Our clear plastic cake boxes will help your cakes stand out, and the 3-in-1 design will make it easy for you to transport and store your cakes. Shop now and get the best cake boxes at Anke Packing.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality and customizable cake box, look no further than Anke Packing. Our 3-in-1 transparent cake boxes are perfect for all your cake packaging needs. With competitive pricing and customizable options, you can get the perfect cake boxes for your business.




Shop now and get the best cake boxes at Anke Packing.


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  • Personalization of Cake Boxes is Fast & Hassle-Free Process with ANKE PACKING


    Cakes are not just a delicious confection but, also a great way to celebrate various occasions and cherish various events. For such wide uses of cakes for various purposes, cake boxes also need to complement the purpose cake is made for. This is why ANKE PACKING give you freedom to customize cake boxes as per your specifications and cake presentation needs. In whatever design elements, shape, style, material or add-ons you want the cake boxes to be customized, our comprehensive full-color printing, innovative die cutting and outstanding manufacturing services enable us to help you in any way and let you be as creative as you require for your bespoke cake boxes.

    Wish to add boxes with ribbon handle that give ease of carrying Valentines themed cake with added grandeur or sleeve handle for providing ease to buyers in carrying flavored cakes from your bakery? No matter how you want your boxes to be carried, just let us know your required type of handle. We will utilize innovative manufacturing services to add your selected handle to boxes just the way you prefer. Prefer to create boxes in square shape for giving distinctive appearance to four-cornered cake, rectangular shape to marvelously present long corporate celebration cakes or amazing petal top shape to stunningly pack Christmas themed cakes? You are free to select whatever shape you require and we will create it in your exact specifications. Our innovative packaging services ensure the exact shape is created for your boxes with no structural defects.

    Whatever you need, getting cake boxes customized in your desired shape, style, material, embellishments and add-ons are just a few clicks away.  Take control of the entire design process with our online design experts and customize boxes as per your thoughts or the purpose you need them. There is no limitation on what level of creativity you can obtain with your boxes. It all comes down to your inspirational ideas and your level of imaginations. Found a structure, additional add-on or embellishment you would like to add? We can definitely help you incorporate that aspect in your packaging. All you have to do is walk us through your ideas, and we will make them happen. We can make any type of box complying with your specifications. It’s that easy to have personalized cake boxes.


    3 in 1 Clear PET Cake Box5


    Team Up with ANKE PACKING and Customize Cake Boxes Exactly To Your Requirements


    ANKE PACKING makes is easy and fuss-free process to customize your cake boxes in any size, style, shape, and material that not just meet your product marketing requirements but also fulfill your branding needs. With the help of our bespoke packaging services, start levelling up your cake packaging boxes today as per your needs that set trends and become a standard in industry. To spruce up the visuals and stand distinguished in cutthroat competition, we provide innovative printing services for your boxes. Our innovative and bespoke printing service with diligence of our experts assure your provided artwork, color or design will be printed on cake boxes with complete precision and 100% accuracy that improve product distinction and company outreach.  With our amazing printing services, you can be sure your designs and printing won’t be limited to just single color. You are free to choose as many colors as your heart and product demands and print them on your cake boxes that reflect the theme of your cake and business. Considering the sensitive and delicate nature of your cakes, we always use premium material for making your cake boxes strong and protective that deal with all types of protection concerns. Keeping in view your varied cake sizes, our tailor-made manufacturing services ensure your required size for boxes in made that give a snug fit to your cakes. To wrap it up, tell us your required dimensions and get a personalized box that’s made to your given specifications. We strive to turn your imagined box structural design ideas into reality by creating cake packaging boxes in required size, shapes, styles, materials and designs that you specify with utmost precision.


    3 in 1 Clear PET Cake Box3


    Enjoy Amazing Services When You Order Customized Cake Boxes!


    From your very first quote with us to final delivery of boxes, ANKE PACKING strives to provide impeccable designing, printing and manufacturing services along with complete freedom to customize cake boxes to your exact needs. To get started, fill in our easy to fill quote form. Enter your required dimensions, specify suitable material, and state thickness that you want cake boxes to be manufactured in. You are even free to upload your own artwork and specify required printing method that you want us to utilize for printing your boxes. If you need assistance, our expert CSRs are available 24/7 to not only listen to your every query regarding the printing & designing of your boxes but also provide appropriate design assistance and come up with timely solutions that meet your box printing and manufacturing requirements. Need to ascertain the print quality, material and size of your tailored boxes? Get production grade sample of your personalized cake boxes and approve the structural design, visual outlook and die cut styles that you ultimately want to receive in the final box. Short run or wholesale orders, we handle both equally without an effect on quality. Moreover, no need to be concerned about pricing because we are a manufacturer and all the printing and manufacturing processes are carried entirely in-house. This mitigates the role of any middle person and ensures you get most competitive wholesale pricing for your required boxes. Not just that, our streamlined and straightforward processes allow us to commit to specific box manufacturing timelines with 99% on-time rate. When we provide a timeframe to deliver boxes, we commit to that. Our standard time is 10-12 business days whilst the rush production and delivery ranges from 8-10 days. Contacting us is easy. Call us at +86- 130 7310 6490, email at  or use our live chat to get in touch with our experts and start your cake box customization process.


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    One-stop box packaging solutions to all your custom box packaging and printing needs
    We, at ANKE PACKING, have devoted ourselves to providing you with the best quality custom printed food boxes for packaging, so that you can impress your customers with the first-class presentation of your products.

    From custom gift boxes to custom product box, we have got you covered for absolutely every kind of packaging necessity. You only have to provide us with a design and our professional team will do their magic to bring creative packaging right to your doorstep.

    Why Choose Us?

    ANKE Packing is a one-stop facility that offers all kinds of solutions to your personalized packaging needs. With our progressive knowledge of custom packaging, printing techniques, and cutting and design technology, we provide excellence in wrapping up your products in valued and aesthetic mastery.

    We understand the intricacies of brand imaging and product displaying to not only win the trust of customers but make them believe in your products to only be the best. Our skilled team of subject specialists embraces this reality with an open heart and works hard to meet your specifications.

    We Are Skilled Professionals with Absolute Perfection!

    Our Best Qualities

    Zero Die & Plate Charges

    We offer superior quality custom packaging without charging any additional amount for manufacturing tools like cutting dies and printing plates, or any extra tariff and setup costs.

    Rapid Turnaround Time

    ANKE Packing believes in quick processing for complete customer satisfaction. After the approval of the design and other provisions from your end, we take only a minimal time of 10-15 days to deliver your required custom packaging. This is possible because of our in-house manufacturing and processing facilities. Additionally, if you want urgent deliveries, we will be ready to accommodate you with only a minimal amount of additional charges.

    Market Competitive Rates

    We offer cost-effective solutions so that you can have exceptional packaging of your cherished products. Our competitive cost allow you to enjoy the best high-end quality custom boxes at extremely reasonable pricing all over the world.

    Low Minimum Order Quantity

    Now, you don’t have to worry about ordering a huge batch to get your desired personalized packaging boxes for a small number of products. ANKE Packing provides custom boxes with no minimum quantity for helping businesses to grow their sales. You can order as low as 500 boxes to as many as 10 thousand boxes without any restrictions.

    Super-Fast Leadtime

    We promise extremely quick delivery of your required personalized packaging. Just after the go-ahead from our clients, our esteemed team of professionals starts toiling to deliver you the outstanding solutions in a minimum of 15 business days.

    Request Free Instant Quotes Now!

    Provide us with the important details of your name, email address, contact number, what type of box you want, its cardstock type, dimensions of the packaging box, layout, color scheme, artwork, design, and various other requirements. We will, then, share the most reasonable quotes for your required custom packaging boxes. It is, no doubt, an easy procedure.


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    We Provide Premium Quality Custom Packaging

    ANKE Packing’s chief objective is quality assurance. Delivering only top-grade custom packaging is our utmost priority. We even provide mockups and samples on request, so that you can appraise your suggested designs and dimensions of the boxes.

    Extremely Skilled Professionals

    We are professionals with perfection. Our specialists wrap your products with the exact love that you want your customers to feel. On request, they help you out on every step and never fail to share their expert advice.

    Moreover, before dispatching the final products, our devoted team makes sure to double-check that our packaging boxes completely align with your business needs.

    Latest Packaging & Printing Techniques

    We know the importance of high-end printing on packaging boxes for your business success and optimum branding. By deploying cutting-edge techniques of offset, digital, and screen printing, we assure that you only get the finest packaging services according to modern-day needs.

    We Have All Types Of Custom Packaging Boxes Available!



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