10ml plastic CBD Bottle-HEMP & CBD EXPO

10ML Plastic CBD Bottle

How is it going to prepare for your HEMP & CBD EXPO? We, ANKE Packing(www.ankepacking.com), start packing samples today. We already introduce the plastic jar and glass bottles. Today, let's talk something about 10ml plastic bottles.

This bottle is made of PET material, with childproof tamper cap. You can pack your CBD liquid with this dropper bottle. Our bottle is also easy to squeeze.

We have many colored bottles and caps to choose. You can use amber color, it can make your product looks better. Or packed with green color, this color can stand CBD.

Any samples needed? Please contact ANKE Packing(www.ankepacking.com) for more information.

Looking forward to see you in F10!

Post time: Feb-21-2019